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Order Update

You will receive automated updates as items in your order move through stages of fabrication and finish.  Please note that it is not uncommon for your order to remain in one status for a longer period of time and then move through the subsequent stages more quickly. You will receive notifications for each of the final stages of fabrication, as well as powder coating, packaging and shipping/tracking information via email so please be sure to check your junk/spam and/or add to your contacts to make sure you are receiving the updates! 

Please see the attached chart for additional information regarding production processes. Timelines are a general reflection of lead time for each stage but can vary depending on parts availability and the particular product you ordered. 

We do not provide guaranteed delivery dates. We recommend you wait until you have all parts in hand to schedule installations as items in your order can be in backorder and may not all arrive at the same time.  If you have checked your junk/spam folders for updates and have not received any updates, please let us know and we will be happy to confirm your email is correctly entered into the automated update system so you can receive a status update immediately. 

We appreciate your patience and your respectful communications as we work hard to get you a high quality product!